What are keloids?

Keloids are progressive, elevated scars that form at the site of a wound or injury as a result of excess collagen deposition that interrupts the healing process. Keloid scars are thick and rubbery lesions that vary in shape, size and color and can cause tenderness, itchiness, pain and cause a severe insult of quality of life.

How did you treat keloids in the past?

Until recently, there were no effective keloid scar removal solutions once they developed on the skin, and the keloid scar would remain unpleasantly red, firm and elevated on the skin. Surgical keloid scar removal is not recommended because it often results in the recurrence of new and even larger keloid scarring at the site of the incision. Use of steroids for keloid scar treatment has been shown to be partially effective only on small scars.

The innovative new treatment!

There were few, if any, long-lasting keloid scar treatments for large, persistent scars.
Cryoshape is an innovative keloid scar removal technology. It enables keloid scar treatment by freezing and destroying the deep scar tissue that causes the keloid to develop. The treatment of keloid scar using a Cryoshape probe involves directly the deep scar material and freezing the tissue along the entire scar. Cryoshape effectively treats even large keloid scars in a single session and successfully reduces their volume and minimizes the clinical distress that the keloids cause.

The results are amazing

Keloids treatment using Cryoshape technology has been shown to cause only minimal discomfort, with little risk of recurrence of the keloid scar or pigmentation changes on the keloid scar treatment site. Unlike other keloid scar removal methods which require multiple treatments over a long period of time, a single keloid treatment session using Cryoshape generally reduces the scar tissue and minimizes the keloid significantly.

Cryoshape is the optimal clinical choice for keloids treatment and is an effective keloid scar removal from any location on the skin.


Cryoshape is an innovative technology for effective keloid scar removal in a single session.