The patented CryoShape cryoprobe is a hand-held cryosurgical instrument for destroying deep tissue of Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars through minimal invasive surgical intralesional intervention utilizing an extremely cold cryoprobe.

The device is based on intralesional application of a needle cooled by liquid nitrogen with boiling temperature of -196°C (-320.8°F) to the scar core to effect cellular and microcirculation destruction.

Optimal freezing/thawing rates improve fibroblasts cell destruction while blocking microcirculation in the tissue, two synergistic mechanisms which contribute to excellent clinical results.

The CryoShape set comprises the following components:

Connector to standard liquid nitrogen cryogun (500 cc)

Elongation transparent tube

Plastic housing for safe, comfortable and firm grip of the cryoneedle

A vent for safe release of the nitrogen gas during the freezing process

Elongated cryoneedle

The components, which are in contact with patient’s skin, are made of biocompatible and medical grade materials.

The freezing needle ensures complete deep-freezing of the inner scar tissue. The especially designed structure provides excellent thermal conductivity and easy penetrating into the hard, rubbery and dense scars tissue.

Based on a concentric double-lumen needle with excellent thermal conductivity, liquid nitrogen passes the CryoShape twice, for improved the treatment efficacy, without any contact with the patient.

The novelty of the CryoShape is in its specially elongated design enabling easy penetration into the rubbery and dense scars tissue, i.e., treating the entire scar from its core.